False Winter


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False Kiva in Canyonlands National Park is an enigmatic location. The mystery of the location is heightened by the fact that we have little idea what it was originally used for, or when. Or what happened. Or why. We do know that the circle of rocks is not a kiva, but as to their actual purpose, well, that’s unknown. We know the alcove tucked into the mesa’s sheer walls contains some minor archeological ruins, but we don’t know what they were used for.

What do we know about this place? Very little, other than it has, perhaps, the world’s best view. Perched several hundred feet over the valley floor, it affords an unparalleled view. If you add a blanket of snow, the view ends up even more amazing.

Adding to the enigma, the National Park Service doesn’t officially like to talk about this location, and sometimes will deny its existence. There is no formal directions or trail to it, but the way is sometimes marked by cairns. And when you do arrive, the hardest part of the location is realizing that you are there in the first place, for it is tucked away and completely hidden until you step foot into it. The mysteries swirl around False Kiva, but for those who make the journey there, the result is more than worth it.

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