Fallen Aspen


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The seasons, as always, continue their inevitable progression, an endless cycle year after year. Nature also follows these seasons in countless ways, some large and some not even visible. One of its more spectacular ways is the changing of the leaves from their bright summer green to a myriad of colors; the aspen trees have chosen gold as their fall color making for an extraordinary display.

This scene, made in the northern reaches of the Santa Fe National Forest in New Mexico, struck me profoundly. It is nearing the end of the fall color season, and many leaves have already made the journey from tree to forest floor. A stubborn few cling to the branches, however, providing color above and below. I really liked how the leaves provided a dense carpet on the ground, broken only by the occasional rock here and there that dared to peek through.

Despite that, it is the lone, fallen aspen that truly caught my eye and interest. It reminds me that just as leaves much fall, trees also must fall. Crashing down among its neighbors it will eventually return to the soil, providing much needed nutrients back into the earth. The cycle of seasons mirrors the cycle of life, provided a poignant reminder of the ever changing forest around us.

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