Fall Sun


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When fall creeps over the mountains the most amazing sights are sometimes produced. The sweeping fields of aspen gold, interspersed with evergreens and scrub oaks, creates a maze of colors that are extraordinary. If you add in a passing storm, truly memorable photographs can be made.

Such was the case for Fall Sun. Made just outside of Telluride, Colorado, it is one of the most beautiful vistas I know of in the San Juan Mountains. The day had been cloudy and rainy all morning. The afternoon had shown a bit of promise, but as evening drew ever closer the cloud cover showed no sign of letting up. Then, almost without warning, the clouds began to break up and the sun found a way through; it’s rays spread out over the landscape, shining brightly, lighting up the incredible scene before more.

Fall Sun illustrates well the magic of the mountains; one moment it is dull and drab and next, vibrant beyond compare and the full glory of autumn is resplendent in its beauty. Soon enough, however, winter would come and steal fall away, but that’s sometime in the future, and not a worry for today.

The sun continued its journey and slipped away into the evening, but the memory of that afternoon lives on.

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