Evening Elk


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Quitting time; a time held dear by so many.

And it would seem that even some in the animal kingdom also hold it dear. For example, this elk in Yellowstone National Park.

It has been a wonderful day. The sun had shown for most of it, bringing warmth to park on this early June day. There was still some snow around from the hard winter, but the warming days were making quick work of that. As the snows receded, the grass was able to grow again, providing rich, lush forage for some of the park’s denizens. Including our elk.

She had spent the day grazing to her heart’s content. It wasn’t a struggle to feed, for once, and it felt good to have the luxury of choice in her diet. As the sun began to set, she began to find her way back to her evening resting place.

Quitting time; a time held dear by so many, including our elk.

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