Enjoying Sprague


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Ah, the cool crisp morning of a perfect spring day–there is nothing like it, that’s for sure.

The calm, still, and extraordinarily blue waters of Sprague Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, beckoned me; it’s magnetic pull was irresistible. There is something about such a perfectly tranquil scene that soothes the soul, and whatever problems you might have had simply melt away into the peace of the morning. With the lake so mirror perfect it was hard to see where the shoreline was, and the entire scene could not have been better.

Until a mallard swam by, that is. He, too, was enjoying Sprague Lake. He seemed to be in no particular hurry, and looked like he was simply taking his time. He wasn’t moving terribly quickly, and he seemed to have no particular direction in mind. As I thought about it, I realized that he had the right of it, and this morning was meant for enjoying.

I hope that every time you look at this photograph, the peace and tranquility of the moment comes to you, and you always enjoy Sprague Lake.

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