Elk Crossing




When you think of Rocky Mountain National Park, in Colorado, you most likely think of the elk. After all, if there is anything this park is known for, it is its elk, and with good reason. With over three thousand elk who summer in the park, they are absolutely everywhere.

The thing about elk, however, is that they don’t stay in one place, instead preferring to stay on the move. This doesn’t mean that they run from here to there. Instead, they slowly walk, a graceful walk that you wouldn’t think such a large animal could accomplish. Of course, it is not a problem to cross a meadow, or a small stream, or a hill, or even a mountain. Surely, though, a lake must stop them, right?

These elk clearly don’t think so, that’s for sure. As they approached the shores of Sprague Lake, I fully expected them to stop and perhaps walk around. They had a different idea, and the first one walked right into the lake. Surely he would stop, I thought to myself. Again, the elk, and now his companion, had a plan. As it turns out, Sprague Lake, despite appearances, is not a very deep lake, and the elk simply cross it as their leisure! It’s their park, and they know all of its ins and outs. The elk always find a way.

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