Electric’s Cabin


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The old miner took a last look around, a slow look, and sighed. He’d spent a lot of hard years in this cabin, and had a lot of memories. The time sitting around the table telling the story of how he finally struck the mother lode was one of his favorites, as was the time his mule took off running straight into the mine and it took him almost a full day to get it out again. He recalled the sad times, too, and the tales of miners whose luck had finally played out.

The cabin had been his home, and as many times as he said he hated it, he wasn’t serious, not even once. He sweltered in the cabin during the summer, and shivered as he pushed as far as he dared into winter. Now, however, he was closing the door for the last time. The last golden rays of the late spring afternoon played across his back as he stooped to lock the door. He made sure the lock was fully locked, this time. His beat-up truck started right up, eager to finally be off the mountain. With one more look at his cabin, and his heart heavy, he drove off. Maybe one day he could open his mine again. Maybe.

I have no idea if that every really happened, of course. What I do know is that this small cabin sits below Electric Peak in the San Juan Mountains, Colorado, and this is the story that I imagined for it.

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