Dunlop Falls




Dunlop Falls, located on Dunlop Creek in the New River Gorge National River area, West Virginia, won’t appear on any map. It probably should be on maps, given its incredible beauty, but the fact is that it doesn’t even have an official name. Those who know of this setting simply call it “Dunlop Falls,” and to those in the know, the name has stuck.

That’s OK with me. I enjoy finding and exploring little known places.

This day was an incredible one: autumn had settled in nicely, and was displaying her colors in a blaze of glory for all to see. The colors were rich and vibrant, and made more so by the gentle rain showers which were moving through the day. Those rains, which provided the rich and wet look for the rocks which I crave, also made for very, and I mean very, slick rocks. That was important since I was balanced, quite precariously, on those same slick rocks to create this photograph. One slip too many and I would be in the water, a situation not uncommon for me. Luckily, I managed to stay mostly dry while making this.

Fall came and went, the falls keep on roaring, and this scene remains for us to enjoy.

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