Dune’s Edge




There, at the edges of the world, lies the magic. Oh, not the “Edge of the World”, but rather, the places of deep transition; where land meets sea and mountains meet sky and dunes meet mountains. Wait. What? Dunes meet Mountains??

There are not a lot of places in the world where this particular bit of magic happens, but as it turns out, the Great Sand Dunes National Park in southern Colorado is just such one of those places. Due to a very odd quirk of nature, sand dunes, and very large sand dunes at that, have formed over the millennia. Grain by grand the sand is carried across the plain by the relentless southwest winds. Grain after grain is tossed into the mountain where it is just heavy enough to not be blown over the mountain. It falls–not far, but far enough to be picked up by the seasonal stream running at the base of the mountains, where it is looped around to the beginning of the dune field. Whereupon the entire process starts anew. Now and then another grain joins, and over countless time, well… this complicated and very unique cycle brings us right to Dune’s Edge.

And just like every other transitional point on our earth, magic happens here.

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