Duckness Monster


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They seem so gentle, don’t they? Gliding along, serenely and silently in the water, the humble duck is known by all, loved by all, and watched by all. Who doesn’t turn their head to watch a duck glide by?

I had always thought of ducks and pretty gentle creatures. They move from one side of a pond to the other so effortlessly that it is beyond reason they would be anything other than completely dignified. Now, like you, I have heard the tales of the mysterious monster that ducks became. And just like you, I dismissed that as an old wives tale. Duckness Monster. Hah. Ducks? A Monster? Are you trying to tell me a funny story and not a scary story? Perhaps you picked up the wrong fairytale book. Ducks are gentle and peaceful animals, don’t you know? Now, if you will excuse me, please, there are several ducks on that pond and these creatures demand my undivided–peaceful–attention.

How wrong I was, though. Oh yes. My illusions were completely and forever shattered when one fateful day I witnessed what happens to ducks at feeding time. Gone are the gentle ducks of a moment ago. And in their place, right before my very eyes, was the dreaded Duckness Monster. Run!

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