Dolores Sunset


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The day was somewhat overcast, and the sun had been quite stubborn about making an appearance. Perhaps it was still sulking over, well, whatever it is that the sun sulks over, but regardless, it just wasn’t coming out. Which was a pity, really, because I did want to at least say hello before the day was done.

Unbeknownst to me, however, the sun wasn’t sulking after all. It had been quietly gathering up all the day’s color, instead of spreading it evenly out like it normally does. It used the clouds as a hiding place so I couldn’t see what mischief it was up to.

Then, right at the end of the day, as the suspense was just about to do me in, the sun popped out and unleashed all the color it could, all at once! The snow blanketed San Juan Mountains in Colorado, just outside of the small town of Dolores, were the recipient of this and what a sight it made. Intense, and I mean deeply intense, pinks and purples washed across the landscape. It looked like I was on a completely different planet. The unearthly glow of the mountaintops completed the scene. The sight and the colors lasted for but a few moments, and in the space of two minutes, literally, the color seeped from the land and darkness stole the show. I thanked the sun for its generosity and went on home.

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