Devil’s Snow


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The snow began gently at first; a mere snowflake here and there. Nothing too serious, and certainly nothing threatening. It picked up its pace when it thought no one was paying attention, and before you know it, the snow falling in earnest, making a much more credible threat to the red rocks of the Devil’s Garden below. The laughter drifted up from the garden in a mocking tone, as if telling the snow it had no chance.

The snow responded now in fury and rage, completely covering the garden, as well as any remaining laughter, in a gentle blanket of white, unbroken snow. Its work done, the snow moved off to other conquests. The Devil’s Garden began the long process of uncovering itself, rock by rock, stone by stone. With the help of the sun, it should be back to its usual self in a few days.

Devil’s Garden is a deeply picturesque section of Arches National Park, in Utah. With its red, red rocks standing straight up, it is a confusing maze of twisted passageways, unexpected dead ends, and even an surprise arch, called, oddly enough, Surprise Arch, inside of it. When covered with snow, though, it takes on a completely different complexion, one of softness and tenderness, and one of supreme beauty. Soon enough the laughter will begin again.

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