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We often think of the desert as a hot, dry, dusty place, maybe with an old ramshackle shack about, and certainly with tumbleweeds blowing on by. It’s a place where we think that no one, and nothing could possibly live. And in many cases, this stereotype is spot on.

But in other places, the desert is warm, inviting, and downright lush. These small pockets are treasures, and almost like an oasis when you find one. A tiny, almost imperceptible different in local climate can make all the difference between the two.

This small microcosm is just outside of Tucson, Arizona, in the Living Desert Zoo. Unlike a normal “zoo”, Living Desert merely preserves the local desert it surrounds, and adds in a substantial amount of information about it. This view, however, caught my eye.

I love the way the flowers lead me into the scene, and beyond, and how it illustrates that the desert can be a very green environment, given the circumstances. Luckily, we have places like this that remind us just how incredible our world can be.

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