Curious Chipmunk


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I encountered this wonderful chipmunk at Clear Creek Falls in Southern Colorado. He lives not very far from the falls, and his day (and night) is filled with the constant roar of the falls as the water cascades not quietly at all over them. But the chipmunk must not be bothered by them, for here it has made its home.

And it must be somewhat accustomed to humans as well, for it was curious, and cautious, but that doesn’t mean it was so afraid that it was going to run away. Oh no–not at all. In fact, it was far more interested to see if perhaps, just perhaps, I had a tasty morsel for it.

The day was sunny and bright, one of the fine spring days one always hopes for. His foraging, presumably, was going well, since it was spring and food abundant. The falls provided plenty of water and moisture, and the meadows around them were just beginning to green up. What a great day… and what a great day to meet new friends.

The chipmunk and I stared at each other for a while… both curious about the other, to say the least. And when we parted ways, we each had one more friend in this world.

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