Cottonwood’s Cascade


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Big Cottonwood Canyon carves its way through the Wasatch National Forest outside of Salt Lake City, Utah. Home to world class ski resorts and world class hiking, the canyon’s understated beauty is simply sublime. To me, however, what makes Big Cottonwood Canyon remarkable is the small, unassuming creek that flows and cascades down the whole length of the canyon.

I find this creek to be beyond picturesque. It tumbles it way down the canyon, sometimes running still, and sometimes in a turbulent rush to be on its way. Through shade and sun, twisting and turning, the creek wends ever downward. Finding exactly the right spot to create this photograph was no easy task.

I settled on this location. The rock wall to my left gave me a feeling of strength and held the creek in check. The moss covering the boulders gave the scene the exact right touch for me. The creek curled a bit to the right, as well, giving me the sense that the creek could choose a different path, yet decided to remain upon the course it had set. Setting up the middle of the creek gave me exactly the point of view I was looking for, and I simply became one with the moment. The result is this lovely scene, somewhere along the creek, as the Big Cottonwood Creek cascades its way to the end of the canyon.

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