Contemplative Reflection


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The West Fork of Oak Creek, in Oak Creek Canyon is regarded as one of the best hikes in America, and with excellent reason. It is quiet, at least when the people are at a minimum, it serene, and it is stunningly picturesque. The trail winds through a few miles of National Forest, crossing and recrossing Oak Creek, wending its way up the canyon.

On a calm day, the creek, at least in some places, is mirror-still, and the reflections are some of the best you will find anywhere. On a fall day, the fall colors creep through the canyon, sometimes manifesting as wall to wall color, and sometimes as delicate and strategically placed patches. In many places of the canyon, the red rock of the walls meets the stream, and as the day grows long and the shadows deepen, some of the walls take on a very deep shade of red.

When you combine those elements together you come up with Contemplative Reflection.

I love this scene, and made this photograph to celebrate an amazing autumn day. As I stare at it, and through it, I am reminded of the beauty of our national lands.

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