Colorado Boy


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Colorado has a long and storied history with mining, and the mining industry was instrumental in the state’s development and growth. “There’s silver in those hills” was a familiar, and quite true, cry. This was certainly the case in Red Mountain Pass, Colorado, and especially around Ironton, where silver mining ruled the day.

By 1893, however, the silver bust and panic had closed the mines, and the once-bustling towns dwindled to just a few souls, and in many cases, were completely deserted. These towns have faded into the past, as have many of the mines.

In 1898 however, a few mines managed a comeback, the Colorado Boy among them, mining gold. Mining camps and towns once again boomed as gold was hauled from the earth. Eventually, though, by the 1930s the mines had played out, this time for the last time. Once again miners walked away from them, and once again the long process of swallowing them up into the land began. This time, there was no further discovery, and no third chance. The mines remain closed today. The mine head of the Colorado Boy sits there, alone, but not totally forgotten, covered by the winter snows, waiting patiently for all eternity.

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