Cold Garden


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This is Devil’s Garden, a picturesque portion of Arches National Park, Utah, covered in snow. The rocks here are all completely jumbled up, and looks as if a giant tossed them carelessly aside when he was done playing with them, then the snow came in and blanketed everything. I can tell you with absolute certainty that the snow was there, and as for the giant, I’ll leave that conclusion to you.

What the photograph doesn’t show, however, is the temperature for this sunrise. It was, as I created this photograph, a balmy 14 degrees, but the 14 is on the other size of zero. -14. It was, in a word, cold.

Despite the rather inconvenient temperature however, this scene called to me. I was fascinated by the warm pink tones that this sunrise gave, and how the pink was reflected in the snow. I was intrigued by the deep cloud structures above the garden itself, and how they echoed the chaos of the ground below. I loved how the reds of the garden were even redder this particular morning. And I was delighted that the entire scene was mine alone, for the park was completely empty. I feel as if nature herself decided to reward my bravery in battling the cold with a sunrise made just for me. I feel so honored, and couldn’t but help make this photograph to preserve it for all time.

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