Coconino’s Leaves


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This photograph is quite personal to me.

I was hiking along the West Fork of Oak Creek in Oak Creek Canyon in the Coconino National Forest, which is just outside of Sedona, Arizona, on a perfect fall day. The temperature was deceptively chilly in the morning, but as the day wore on the temperatures rose to a comfortable level. The sky was clear above, when you could see it, allowing the full glory of the sun to shine. Since Oak Creek Canyon is a very shady place, the bright sun above ended up deeply filtered by the time it ended up on the forest floor. I particularly enjoyed walking from the coolness of the forest into the brightness of the sun and back again.

Although Oak Creek Canyon is best known for its amazing fall colors and reflections from its slow moving stream, I stumbled, literally, across this intimate scene a little ways away from the creek. I was struck, again, literally, by the moss covered log and it lay partially hidden amongst the leaves. I had ample opportunity to study the leaves from my new-found vantage point near the floor, thanks to my “discovery” of the log. Still, once I got over the shock, I was enchanted with the small vignette before me, and thus, this photograph was made. I hope you find peace and tranquility among the fallen leaves as I did.

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