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So, I was walking through a big box store the other day and noticed that the newest crop of computers are once again featuring The Wave as one of the default desktops. Every couple of years, it pops up again as wallpaper, and with good reason.

The Wave is a spectacular place, to say the least. It is in the very northern part of Arizona, although you typically access it from Utah and hike south through the desert across the state line to this feature. Although it looks like it stretches on forever when you see it in photos, in actuality it doesn’t. In fact, the entire feature is quite small when it comes down to it. Still, it is just awe-inspiring to be there at The Wave.

The Wave is definitely one of our hidden treasures. We’ve seen it, countless times, and many people recognize it straightaway. But not so many people know about it, and that’s because it isn’t exactly advertised. There are no roads to The Wave. There isn’t even a trail to it, and to reach it one must walk miles through the unmarked desert. You have to transverse drifting sand, slip rock (and all slip rocks looks the same, making navigation tricky), and at the end, face a steep climb in sand. Not an easy trek… not at all. But one that is more than worth it, as you can see.

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