Carlsbad’s Heart


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Carlsbad Caverns in Carlsbad Caverns National Park, New Mexico, is a magical place. Carved out of the very fabric of the Earth itself, this cave system stretches for endless miles. Although many of the caves have been well explored and well mapped, there remains much to be found yet. Intrepid spelunkers are still working on the caves, still finding new passages and still finding new rooms. Science is expanding its knowledge rapidly.

Yet, even in the known sections there remain wonders to be found. Every step of the path reveals something new, and turning around gives one a fresh perspective. The warped walls, the intricate stone formations, the mighty pillars, stalactites and stalagmites all combine into one, dancing between your light and the darkness, calling, beckoning ever onward.

High up on one wall is the heart of Carlsbad. The walls twist impossibly around the void, framing the heart perfectly, and reminding explorers, new and experienced, that the cave is alive here in the world of shadows. The silence, and the very caves themselves, go on forever into the darkness. Yet the heart beats on, forever, just as it always has and just as it inexorably will.

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