Cardinal’s Circle


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This is a particularly interesting photograph for me, and it makes me ponder the circle of life.

I encountered the remains of a deer in the desert south of Tucson; this alone is a reminder that the desert can be a very harsh and unforgiving environment. It doesn’t take much to go from perfectly fine to in serious trouble, and, alas, many creatures succumb to the realities of desert living.

Where one falters, however, another steps in. This female cardinal stopped for a moment on the antlers to take a quick look around. Perhaps she is thinking of where her next meal shall be found, but she could also be thinking about that handsome male cardinal she saw a moment ago. It is spring, and the height of breeding season, and the circle of life continues, as it always does, here in the desert. Mates of all species find each other and life is born anew.

For me, then, this photograph is a reminder that we always have to move forward, despite adversity, and despite seemingly overwhelming long odds. There is always tomorrow. For those who have families, it is also a reminder that we have to stay strong for them.

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