Cardinal Landing


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It was time to rejoin his mate, the cardinal knew. He had been off foraging this fine spring day, and he had been gone far too long. After all, when your gal is as fine looking as his was, he knew it was not wise to be gone overly long.

Ah! There she was! Perched on a branch not far from where they had parted ways. She was looking about, probably looking for him, and once she saw him, she visibly relaxed. His spread his wings to drop his speed and came in for a perfect landing, gentle as a feather. Back again!

This pair of northern cardinals lives in southern Arizona, south of Tucson. It is a perfect environment for them, and is in the northern part of their range in this area. Although we don’t often associate the desert with being a suitable habitat for the cardinal, they do, and when it comes down to it, that’s all that really matters. Food, water, and good nesting spots are readily available, and the climate spot-on for their needs. All in all, it is an excellent home.

The cardinals caught up for a few moments, then took to the wing together.

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