Canyon’s Call




The pines whisper gently amongst themselves, the canyon walls remain steadfastly mute, and the spring moves forward as it does every year. The creek, Oak Creek, flows serenely by, concerned not with the goings on around it. Such is a typical day in Oak Creek Canyon, near Sedona, Arizona.

The allure of the canyon was penned by none other than Zane Grey, who hunted and fished through this area. It became the backdrop and the setting for his seminal Call Of The Canyon, and today every person who sets foot here is forever changed. There is, perhaps, no place quite like here, where the very serenity instantly becomes one with you. The quietness is complete, and even the birds calling to one another nestle into the backdrop of peace. The creek flows onward, crystal clear, and its suburb reflections give you a moment to reflect as well.

The canyon’s call, although not heard, is profoundly felt by all who come near. And upon departure, the calling is even stronger, leading you back.

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