Brush Creek


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Small things, given the right circumstances, can become great things.

Applied to photography, even the smallest, unassuming creeks can be amazing, provided one knows where to look. Take, for example, Brush Creek, which flows in southwestern West Virginia. This small creek meanders peacefully enough through forests. It isn’t the largest creek by a long shot, and the moniker “river” isn’t even in the question. The creek is unpretentious as they get, and is largely unassuming.

That is, until it comes to one section. Here, the ground abruptly falls away, leaving the creek no choice but to cascade down over the fissure. That means, of course, a waterfall. Instead of simply pouring over the drop off, the creek decided, instead, to show off for everyone to see, creating a beautiful, streaming cascade that is beyond stunning. Add the taste of fall into the mix, and a powerful scene is created.

Small things can indeed become extraordinary!

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