Bridging Autumn




“The days were certainly getting shorter,” he thought to himself as he he made his way through the forest. “Before I know it, it will be fall, despite it being a tad early.” Little did he know just how right he was, for at that very moment, the path he was on came to a bridge. Although it seemed like summer where he was, the path, and thus bridge, seemed to lead directly into the land of autumn. Since he had to go across the bridge, there was no way off putting off the change in the season.

This bridge, and hypothetical hiker, can be found in the New River Gorge National River area of West Virginia. Like the hiker, I thought to myself that the bridge represented the perfect transition into fall. Unlike the hiker, however, I was completely ready for fall, for I personally adore the changing of the seasons. It isn’t that I tire of them, but I relish the constant progression of one into the next. Add in the context of a small, seldom traveled bridge, and it just adds to the sense of anticipation.

As he made his way over the bridge, the hiker felt a sense of profound wonder as autumn’s colors and hues seemed to grow brighter just for him. “Maybe fall isn’t so early after all,” he pondered. In response the sun shone brighter, the colors grew more intense, and nature agreed with him in her own subtle way..

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