Bridal Veil


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365 feet from the top to the bottom–that’s the height of twin waterfalls of Bridal Veil Falls, just outside of Telluride, Colorado.

Once you see these falls, it is hard not to become captivated by their beauty and grace, and the endless flowing of the water. Captured here during the summer months after a very wet winter, the falls are extra energetic, putting on the show of the summer.

At the top of the falls is a power plant, of all things. Powered by the water that eventually flows into the San Miguel River, the plant originally powered the Smugglers-Union mine; today it provides a portion of Telluride’s power. If that’s not enough, up until recently, a family lived at the power plant. Considering that winter access was via arial tram, wintering at the plant must have been an amazing, if isolated, experience.

Today the falls continue on, uninterrupted, their power majesty and power on display for all to see. As an interesting side note, these are not the only Bridal Veil falls in Colorado. The other falls are located in Rocky Mountain National Park. When a name is good, well, use it more than once!

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