Bosque Afternoon


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It is hard to describe, exactly, how this scene affected me as I made this photograph. I was in the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge near Socorro, New Mexico, one of my very favorite places to photograph. I find the entire refuge to have a large and diverse range of wildlife in it, and as you are there you never know quite what you will see.

This day, however, the refuge was fairly quiet. The inhabitants who were there preferred to stay hidden, which was a pity. It was early fall, too early yet for the majority of migratory birds to arrive, so seeing any bird this trip was something of a rarity. Still, there was plenty to see and I enjoyed myself thoroughly.

My trip that day was done, and I decided to sit by the shore of a pond and enjoy the last of the day, for it would be dusk soon. As I sat, I simply relaxed, enjoying the sun, enjoying the day, and mostly, enjoying the few canada geese who were at the far side of pond. It was a time of peace, solitude and reflection; the rest of the day began slipping away even quicker than before. When I look at this photograph I am reminded of that time; of that peace and quietude, that perfect afternoon in the bosque. I hope that you feel much the same, and may the peace of the bosque be with you.

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