Bonito Doorways




Deep within Chaco Canyon in Chaco Canyon National Historic Park in New Mexico lies Pueblo Bonito. Long since abandoned, it still plays an important role in Native American history, culture and tradition.

Although no one is exactly sure what purpose, exactly, Pueblo Bonito served, most currently agree that it was a gathering place for important events and occasions. Native Americans from throughout the Southwest gathered at Chaco and it is without a doubt one the center of their Southwest.

Within Pueblo Bonito are a series of doorways from room to room, leading the length of a very long wall. To what purpose these rooms served–who is to know? Although large sections of the pueblo have collapsed, these doorways, standing from 828 AD, still withstand the test of time.

It is with honor, then, that Bonito Doorways was taken. Processed in traditional black and white to preserve the feel and antiquity of the Pueblo, may you find your own doorways withstand the passage of time for you, remaining ever open.

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