Bobcat Lookback


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The hunter stealthily tailed its prey. The hunted, in this case a rabbit, was blithely unaware of the mortal danger it was in. Make no mistake about it: it was in mortal danger. The rabbit meandered to and fro, looking for a tasty patch of green to nibble on. The hunter followed slightly behind moving in absolute silence and deadly intent. The hunter was in no hurry, for it knew it be patient while on the hunt.

Whether the rabbit caught the hunter’s scent or rather by pure luck, it chose that moment to run as fast as it could away from the bobcat. Deciding to not give chase for whatever reason, the bobcat simply sat where it was an assessed its situation.

Then it looked back at me, and I knew immediately what the rabbit felt. The gaze between the bobcat and I was riveting. While I was sizing up the bobcat for this photograph, the bobcat in turn was certainly sizing me up to take the place of the intended rabbit. It was a most uncomfortable feeling, and I have the distinct impression that had I been a bit smaller, the result of the encounter would have been different.

As it turned out, though, the big cat stood up, swished its tail as only cats can do, and continued the hunt.

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