Bluebird Mom


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It is hard work raising one’s babies and children, no matter what the species. Ask any Mom–any Mom at all–and they will tell you the exact same thing. Raising one’s young is tiring, and often exhausting, work. Yet, Moms everywhere raise their young, including the bluebird, for it is just what Moms do.

This Mom is taking a quick rest after delivering a meal to her babies. Her and Dad are taking care of their nest, with three young bluebirds in their care. Back and forth, all day, every day, and forth and back she goes, hunting insects to provide the next meal. Back and forth, and every now and then, she would deliver the goodie, then hop over to a nearby branch to rest. After a bit, she would give another quick hop, then off it was to hunt again. Sometimes she was quite successful and she gone just a moment. Other times, it must have been a lot harder of a hunt, for she was gone a while. Yet she was never gone too long, for, as it turns out, bluebirds are very good hunters. Now and then she would see Dad in passing and they would rest for a moment together; but with baby birds who are constantly hungry, resting for too long is simply out of the question.

And one day, the nest was empty. Mom could finally rest.

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