Bison Lookback


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The dust rose over the land, obscuring grass, trees, and even the mighty bison themselves. The bison were gathered from every corner of the vast ranch into one large herd and shepherded into the waiting corrals for their yearly inspection. As they trundled along, not entirely willingly, their every hoof kicked up a small cloud of dust, and the collective result was dust everywhere. The bison weren’t overly bothered, and nor were the cowboys, so perhaps it wasn’t so bad after all. Along the way, one bull stopped and peered back through the dust, creating Bison Lookback.

The yearly bison roundup at the Ted Turner Ranch just outside of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, is an event to behold. Cowboys spend over a month gathering every bison, eventually moving them from the ranch’s far reaches into a single large corral. From there, they inspect and inoculate each member of the herd, ensuring the bison remain healthy. Although the bison aren’t fond of this, they have come to expect it and are used to the roundup.

Eventually, the bull relented and turned away, his hoofs striking up a bit more dust than before. He rejoined his cows, leading them on to the waiting corral.

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