Bison Interlude


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Ah, the bison.

Perhaps one of the most well-known residents of Yellowstone National Park, and certainly one that receives more than its fair share of attention, the bison is near the top of everyone’s “must-see” list.

The bison is well-adapted for the Yellowstone environment, especially the harsh winters. Their thick winter coats protect them well, although some winters truly put this protection to the test. Although seemingly docile and slow, appearances are very deceiving. They are actually very agile and can run as fast as a horse, which is something most people do not expect. In this idyllic scene of the bison resting, danger is actually at hand. The bull has decided to investigate a threat, and is just beginning to pick up steam. Imagine a 2,000 pound animal charging straight at you!

Immediately after this photograph was made, however, the bison decided there was no threat and stopped where he was. The brief interlude of the afternoon was complete and everyone returned to enjoying the splendid afternoon.

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