Aspen Wall


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You’ve heard the expression, perhaps, of “you can’t see the forest through the trees?” Well, this photo carries that photo to the extreme, to say the least.

In point of fact, the expression is really an ancient Chinese Proverb and goes “Sometimes you lose a forest through the trees;” either way, however, the quote works well enough here.

I had been looking for a solid wall of aspens for a good long bit. I had had it in my mind that a solid wall of perfect aspens would look really, really interesting. But then I realized that perfection is highly overrated, and I took the saying to heart. I then modified my search for the “perfect aspen wall” to “an aspen wall with a whole lot of really great character,” and the result is this. Sometimes it is good to remind ourselves, too, that we lose sight of the really obvious things because they are, well, really obvious. Sometimes it is good to take a step back, breath, and keep the important things in mind.

Sometimes, though, a forest, especially an aspen forest, is just a really thing to contemplate.

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