Aspen Variation


Original, lab-processed photograph of Yavapai Sunset with a metallic finish. All matted photographs are double matted using acid-free mats. Fine art plaques are ready-to-hang and come with everything needed to mount.

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The venerable aspen, known for its display of fall color, never ceases to amaze us. Often photographed against sweeping backdrops, the aspen serves as a counterpoint to the greater scene. As Aspen Variation shows us, they form the perfect counterpoint to themselves and do not need to be part of a grand landscape to make their point.

This grouping, located on Red Mountain Pass in Colorado, well illustrates this point. Standing tall on a hillside, the yellows, oranges, and reds of the aspens come together to form this colorful fall display. In just a few days, these leaves will drop for the winter, completing the annual cycle. Next spring they will display verdant green, and the endless progression of color continues.

Aspen Variation serves to remind us that intimate scenes provide an impressive impact. Even though there were aspens as far as the eye could see, the small stand stood out amongst all the others.

Next fall, keep your eyes peeled to see if you can spot your personal aspen variation. Until then, though, we have this grouping.

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