Aspen Serenity


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There is perhaps nothing more peaceful than shaded woods in the middle of fall. The silence of the wood, with just a slight rustling of breeze through the tops of the tall aspens, is absolute and magnified by the rustling. The colors of the leaves just beginning to turn are absolutely intense and incredible, lending to the tranquility of the scene. There is peace and harmony here, for the wood is resting from a long wonderful summer, and all about the aspen wood is pure serenity.

This stand of aspens is located near Silverton, Colorado, just off the highway and up a slight hill. Although it was September when this was taken (a time when summer should yet be in full swing, admittedly) the leaves here were already coming into their of color.

What struck me about this composition (aside from the aforementioned serenity, of course) was the way the trees seemed to pull me deeper into the wood; there at the end was a bit of darkness offset by a bit of green and my feet wanted to take me there to see treasures and wonders just might be there.

And a moment after this was made my feet were on their way.

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