Aspen Path


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There is something compelling about a path that leads through the forest, isn’t there? As soon as you see it, no matter what your intentions were, you suddenly feel the compulsion to take the path and see where it might lead. If you surround the path with aspens, the urge escalates to absolutely irresistible and before, where we merely wanted to see where the path led, we now have to see where the path might go.

This particular path can be found on Independence Pass outside of Aspen, Colorado and it leads off deeper into the aspen forest. You can feel the solitude and closeness of the forest just around the bend, can’t you?

Made on a exquisite autumn day, this photograph, to me, brings out the best in the aspens. With the sun behind the leaves, the backlighting brings out the best of the leaves which are in perfect peak color. The gold tones make a counterpoint to the small evergreen trees, and the moment I saw this I already knew the story behind it. It is that powerful to me.

The next time you need to escape, even if for a short while, look down aspen path and imagine what you might find around that bend.

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