Aspen Magic


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Something ailing you? Something got you down, or something just isn’t right? Worry not, for deep in the woods, well beyond where the sunlight hits the forest floor, there is a cure.

To be sure, you’ll need to make a journey, a pilgrimage of sorts to find solace. You’ll need to go up and into the mountains of Colorado (rumor has it that an excellent place to start is just outside of Ouray, and head up to the Camp Bird Mine) to find what you seek. Most certainly, you’ll be able to make some of your quest in a motor vehicle, but just as certainly you’ll need to also journey on foot for a good bit, too.

At just the right moment you’ll know when to stop and begin your forest trek. As you walk deeper into the woods, the sun fades into the canopy overhead. The sounds of civilization are replaced by the sounds of nature, and the even the sound of your footsteps fade into the forest as you slowly become one with it. You’re searching for just the right spot; a particular aspen grove, perhaps, but after a while you realize it isn’t a single location you seek, but rather Nature herself; this realization is accompanied by the fact that your troubles have slipped away, too. The aspens have worked their magic on you, and the world will be full of sun, and warmth, and an overall sense of peace.

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