Aspen Inspirations


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The slightest of all breezes will cause the aspen’s leaves to tremble, giving the forest a gentle whisper. Hearing the world silent, broken only by the aspen whisper is a powerful, moving experience, and one that will stay with you for a very long time to come, if not forever. I’ve been fortunate enough to have this happen a few times as I’ve been in the aspen colonies. The conditions have to be absolutely perfect; the world that day has to be silent as silent can be. There has to be a very gentle breeze, and you have to be attuned to world around you.

Whenever I come upon an aspen grove standing “just so,” I am reminded of these experiences, and draw inspiration from it. I find something absolutely magical about the aspen, and I am not alone in that.

This aspen colony is in the Maroon Bells wilderness outside of, where else, Aspen, Colorado. The morning was peaceful and quiet, and the breeze today not yet upon me. The woods were tranquil and serene, and I stood there, feeling peace deep within my soul, as I created this piece. And as I look at, each and every time I can feel those same feelings. I hope that you feel inspired as I do by the aspens!

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