Aspen Glow


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There are moments in time that forever stay with you through all your years. These might be monumental in nature, or, sometimes, they can be deceptively mundane. For me, Aspen Glow is one of those moments.

Made in the Gunnison National Forest of Colorado, these aspens are in one of the largest stands of aspens in the entire world. That is an impressive feat, to be sure. Aspens are colonial in nature, meaning that all the aspens in a grove comprise a single, enormous organism. Although aspens are certainly not sentient in any sense as we understand it, they communicate with each other. Their roots are all together and intertwined, facilitating this. These aspen on this day must have been communicating because they all equally added to the amazing effect.

The sun was still low on the horizon and behind the trees. Their perfect fall color was exceptionally well accented by the sunlight streaming through the leaves, which were so dense that little sunlight could penetrate them. The overall effect is this incredible iridescent glow, almost unreal in its color. The normally bright forest floor almost pales in comparison, struggling to hold its own. As I made this photograph, I knew that I would forever remember this singular moment in time.

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