Antelope’s Balance


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The balance in Antelope Canyon is astonishing.

There is the balance between light and dark, which is the first thing you notice. Being a slot canyon with a very narrow top, light is a precious commodity, especially toward the floor and even more so in the myriad nooks and crannies. Even in the middle of the day it is not at all certain that all areas will receive much, if any, light.

There is also the balance between the solid rock walls and the soft sand beneath your feet. The walls, carved across the eons, have deeply etched lines and grooves in them, giving them texture and depth. The floor is constantly shifting, sometimes by the day, and is deep, soft sand. The contrast is wonderfully startling.

And in this photograph, the log wedged between the walls is also a balancing act. Perhaps holding the walls at bay, or perhaps stuck fast between them, it balances not far above the floor, caught in its own limbo, at least until the next flood comes to take it away. When that happens perhaps another log will take its place and the balance is struck yet again.

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