Antelope Passageway


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Deep within the Navajo Nation there lies a completely unremarkable desert landscape. Nothing–absolutely nothing–seems any different than any other part of the surrounding desert, and all is quiet. Upon a slight mound is a slight crevasse; again nothing unusual here. And leading up to the small crevasse (which is, after all, just a few feet wide) is a completely normal wash.

But should one walk up the wash they will discover that it leads to a very remarkable slot canyon hidden in the desert–Antelope Canyon. And as the passageway of the slot canyon is breached absolute magic cascades all around you. The colors, texture, patterns and even the form of the canyon’s walls are beyond compare. Depending on the time of the day and year, the colors can range from brown to yellow to orange to red to purple, and often, all these colors, and more, all at once.

Antelope Canyon is a wonderful reminder of the beauty of this world, for that beauty can be found in the most unexpected places at the most unexpected times, if only one looks around them. Take nothing for granted, for you never know what lies just before you; what magic and wonders abound, there for the looking.

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