Antelope Fire


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The colors within Antelope Canyon–the ever-changing, undefinable, intense colors–are sublime. They all have the red tones one expects from a slot canyon in the desert, to be sure, but still, they are wholly unexpected for all that.

The sun, high above and struggling to extend into the canyon itself provides the fuel for the spectacle that is the canyon. Since the top is so narrow, the sun’s rays cannot reach all parts of the wall, leaving some of it with highlights and some of it in shadow. Since the walls themselves are anything but straight, that creates patterns within patterns within patterns; colors within colors, and when it all comes together… the canyon comes alive.

Because of the fantastical, tortured shapes that the walls take, it almost doesn’t matter where one looks. Antelope’s Fire, for example, is shot looking straight up at the top of the canyon. The deep lower reds quickly give way to the oranges and yellows up higher, and the walls themselves look to be on fire.

Antelope Canyon, ever changing, is intense and sublime. And when the sun is out: on fire with color.

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