Angelic Sunset


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When most people think of New Mexico, they probably think of the deserts. With good reason, too, for as any New Mexican can tell you, deserts are common, to say the least. Many people realize that New Mexico has some mountains, too, and none too small ones at that. Mountains and desert. New Mexico.

But New Mexico has some magnificent hidden treasures, too. Eons ago, it was close to the equator and home to a vast tropical rainforest, and yes, the dinosaurs roamed here. Of course, with the shifting of the tectonic plates, New Mexico has drifted northward, away from the tropics, and time has buried that part of history. The treasure trove remains there for those who know where to look. For example, deep within the state are several areas of badlands. Filled with hoodoos, rugged landscape and incredible rock formations, these badlands are downright beautiful. And once you get off the beaten path, it seems as if the true beauty is found everywhere.

Like Angel Peak. Especially at sunset. And even more so when the sky flashes watermelon for just a moment, as happens from time to time. Add in the snow-capped Ute Mountains in the background and you have the perfect Angelic Sunset.

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