Alpine Quietude


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The waves stretch to infinity and beyond in the high alpine lake–or at any rate, it certainly seems that way. The silence of the day is absolute, as well, with not a single human sound disturbing the waves as they reach for the edges of forever. Nothing save the gentle lapping of the waves upon the shore, beckoning it to follow them to everywhere, breaks the concentration of the perfect afternoon. A bird, high overhead, calls once, then falls silent, another victim of the siren call of the waves. The waves stretch ever onward and the quietude of the day continues on.

Truly, the magic of this particular lake (Lake San Cristobal near Lake City, Colorado) at this particular moment cannot be overstated. The gentle, rhythmic, waves were in no hurry to go anywhere in particular; the sun, shining so brightly and warm on this spring day, breathed hope and promise everywhere. The snow capped mountains were slowly giving up their white tops in favor of green ones, and the day… ah, the day was perfect.

The day sang out in quietness, the waves continued their march to infinity, and all was perfect.

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