Ah-Shi-Sle-Pah March


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There is something deeply alluring about the rock formations in the Ah-Shi-Sle-Pah Wilderness in northwest New Mexico. The shapes cover a wide range and a good many of them seem to defy gravity itself.

This march of hoodoos and capstones caught my eye. The sun was heading over the horizon and the day was almost complete. I liked how these rocks seem to be marching into the sunset, trying with all their might to keep up with the sun. Alas, today, as every other day, their efforts would prove futile, and the sun will creep up behind them again tomorrow morning, perhaps catching them by surprise.

This entire area, geologically, is incredibly interesting. Once at the bottom of the sea, it later was part of a lush, tropical forest. The relentlessness of time, however, would not let the area remain at that, and eventually, it became what it is today; seemingly barren and lifeless. Life does exist here, of course, but you have to look hard for it, and existence is never a certain thing. The area today is a wild mix of ancient sea shells fused into the rock, large pieces of petrified wood from trees that stood over fifty feet tall on the short side, and the hoodoos that we have today. Walking among them is literally taking a walk through a time machine. The sun, the hoodoos, and time march on.

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