Afternoon Adventure


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Ah, to be young again.

To walk amongst the fields without a care in the world. To wander away from your band, heading elsewhere, never once looking back over your shoulder to see if anyone might be following. To spend your afternoons in bliss, for up ahead of you is endless fields of grass and adventure.

This young mustangs are on their own afternoon adventure. Part of Hombre’s band in the Monero Mustang Sanctuary, they were born into relative freedom. Thanks to the efforts of the Sanctuary, their parents were rescued from various fates, none of which bode well for them. Coming together from all over the southwest, the mustangs have formed new bands, and with the forming of new bands comes the newborn. Sure, the Sanctuary has fence along the outer border, but it is a very large place, and as such the physical border doesn’t matter as much as it might. And within, freedom for all the mustangs is given. What an incredible gift that is.

Ah, to be young again, born into freedom. Onward into the afternoon!

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