Delicate Balance

Each National Park in the entire system is protects a unique resource, and as such, each has its own unique character and feel. As you might imagine, the feeling, wherever you are, changes as the days and seasons change, providing an ever changing experience without leaving the spot you are standing in. Arches National Park in Utah is certainly no exception.

This photograph was made on a cold winter’s day in January and features several of the more interesting rock formations the park has to offer, namely, the grouping around balanced rock. A storm had come in that night, but was clearing by late morning, leaving behind the delicate soft light, and snow. The sun was just beginning to wake from behind the clouds, despite the late hour of the morning, and just beginning to think about bathing the landscape in its enveloping light.

I was stuck by this scene; the rocks before me, and the peaks of the La Sal Mountains off in the distance made a wonderful counterpoint. The clouds racing off to the west, leaving patterns in the their wake completed it for me. The next day, the park was different, as was the day after that, and all the days that are to follow, for that is the beauty and majesty of our National Parks.

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