Why David

Why David creates these photographs for you

The world around us is vast, complex and ever-changing. For me, my photography is about capturing a moment in time as I experienced it, and having the ability to share it with you. It is not lost on me that you will be looking at my photographs in your home for a very long time, and I appreciate that. I look for scenes that speak to me and moments that make me feel. Often, I see a scene, but something it lacking–it just doesn’t have that emotional “wow” factor that I need to feel deep inside me. Those scenes are enjoyed, but not photographed for you.

I take care to make the photograph of the scene as I experienced it. I want you to have a visceral connection to the photograph as I did. I want you to enjoy my photography for years to come, and to experience the moment you first saw the piece time and again. I want it to delight you, to amaze you, to make you smile, each and every time you look at it. I want you to look at my photograph and become lost in the moment, and have it bring joy to you.

I do things the hard way. I take care to create the scene in my camera, without having to resort to elaborate post-processing of each photograph. The scene either sings to me, or it does not; it is that plain and simple. I create the photographs for you using the best techniques that I can, which doesn’t mean they are quick to create, but it does mean they will last more than a lifetime. My photographs don’t roll out of a printer in a mass-produced state. They are created, individually, one by one, and each and every one is treated as if it was the best photograph in the entire world, which, of course, it is.

I write a short story for each and every photograph. After all, if there isn’t anything behind the photograph then what makes it special? Sometimes, my stories are accurate and even historical. I take the time to research my subject. I read about it, I check references, and often I talk to the people who know about it. This takes time and effort, but for me, it helps me to connect at a deeper level with the photograph. Sometimes my stories are completely made up. But that’s OK, because it is the story that was in my mind as I made the photograph. Sometimes, I’ll write the story about the photograph and realize there is little to say. When I  then look critically at the photograph, I realize the photograph has little to say as well and I drop it then and there. I want my photographs to have a story within them and I believe this care comes through in my photography.

I hope you enjoy your photograph and the light, beauty, mystery and magic that goes into each and every one, from me to you.