Coyote Views

It appeared at the corner of my eye, a shadow perhaps, then was gone. I brushed it off as my far-too active imagination, but then I saw it again. Staring intently into the woods, I realized that the woods were not as empty as they might have been. It was a grey, gloomy day in the mountains of New Mexico, and the snow just added to the gloom; surely nothing was out and about. Little did I know I was about to experience some incredible coyote views. For what I did know at that moment was that a coyote was about to step out of those woods.

The coyote did not share my assessment of the day, and it was out and about on its business.

Hunting Coyote

My first good look at it was as it was gliding out of the woods into a small clearing. Covered in snow, it was completely intent on its prowl, and luckily, and paid no attention to me. That suited me more than fine. As it was moving through the clearing, more quiet than a whisper, it kept its gaze forward, and somehow, amazingly, didn’t react at all to me. Oh, I don’t flatter myself that it didn’t know that I was there; merely, it decided that I was not of concern. This afforded me the wonderful opportunity for the first of these wonderful photographs. The coyote drifted along a few feet.

Coyote's Winter

After a short bit, it stopped and simply stood there in the snow, a frozen tableau of nature. It’s sharp, keen eyes appeared to look beyond and through everything else; oblivious to the snow it was intently focused on whatever caught its gaze and attention. I was almost as frozen as it was, daring to hardly even draw a breath; the moment for us both seemed to last forever, and it was an extraordinary moment in time.

The coyote moved on into the winter’s day, yet these coyote views will let us relive this amazing moment in time.

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